DavMail GateWay cho Exchange Server

Gặp vấn đề tương thích giữa Exchange Mail server với các mail client không phải của Microsoft như ThunderBird Mail, MAC OS Mail… Ngoài ra, nếu hệ thống bạn dùng server Exchange cũ, không hỗ trợ các chuẩn mã hoá mới thì xảy ra 2 vấn đề khi muốn duy trì 1 hệ thổng bảo mật (1) Client không connect được vì ngưng hỗ trợ TLS 1.0, (2) Rủi ro bảo mật thông tin.

Fix XMind slow / lag on Ubuntu 16.04

XMind is the most professional and popular mind mapping tool. Millions of people use XMind to clarify thinking, manage complex information, run brainstorming …

On Ubuntu 16.04 is have a bug that make the application lag and slow (read here). This article help you how to fix it.

Deal with DHCP Server IP Exhausted

Recently, I have a problem with DHCP Server service run on Windows Server 2003 that use full ip address ranges, alot of IP used by strange mac address (3139…, longer than 12 charater) with type DHCP/BOOTP, even my DHCP server have mac address filter add-in and assign IP option is DHCP only. No special info in event log, Google return no clear root cause and solution.

Workaround to avoid message "Chrome didn’t shut down correctly" on Ubuntu / Linux

When shutdown or reboot computer on Linux system (Ubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome etc…) I ussuallty got message "Chrome didn’t shut down correctly" everytime open Google Chrome (v 60.0.3112.101) if before shutdown I did’n close it.

Get real client IP for Apache server behind Nginx Proxy Server

Step to configuration:

Flectra v1 screenshots

Flectra is an ERP Open Source application fork from Odoo CE v11, Flectra team has just released v1 on 2017-12-25, here are some screenshots:

Switch Input method global in Ubuntu

When using Ubuntu, switching between input method so uncomfortable. I use English as default and Unikey (fcitx-unikey) for Vietnamese. You can switch between input method by the hotkey (as my setting is Ctrl + Space), the problem is this hotkey is not working if you are not in the input area.