The Hidden Roadmap

Introduction As the tech lead of a startup, a founder-CTO faces many tradeoffs allocating his time. The “business founders” want you to be shipping more features — the visible roadmap. But you need to balance that with many other responsibilities: Recruiting, managing and retaining the right team. Making tech choices, considering their short and long-term implications. Setting […]

[Odoo] Keyboard shortcut (default)

List default keyboard shortcut in Odoo, tested on Linux – Chrome: Alt + P: go to next page (or record) (note: FireFox require plus Ctrl key) Alt + O: go to previous page (or record) (note: FireFox require plus Ctrl key) Alt + K: switch to Kanban view (note: FireFox require plus Ctrl key) Alt + […]

Google Chrome on Ubuntu – Fix some GPU problem

Running Google Chrome on Ubuntu may have some problem with GPU-acceleration, especially when you are using a NVIDIA GPU. Some problems I have so far: CheckerImaging: Disabled Native GpuMemoryBuffers: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled How to know gpu status? type chrome://gpu on address bar This is not major problem, […]

Every Programmer Should Know

This is a copy from — A collection of (mostly) technical things every software developer should know. ☝️ These are resources I can recommend to every programmer regardless of their skill level or tech stack Highly opinionated 💣. Not backed by science. Comes in no particular order ♻️ U like it? ⭐️ it and share with a friendly developer! U don’t like […]