Ultimate How-To Guide for Learning Any Skill

I tried to learn how to code and failed. Twice.

It’s a funny story actually.

Several years back, I decided to learn how to code with the idea that in order to become an entrepreneur, coding will come useful, especially in the beginning when you don’t have enough capital to hire developers.

So my journey of becoming a coder began. At first, I paid a subscription on a monthly basis. The first couple of months it went great, but then my motivation completely drained and I stopped.

For an entire year, I had this guilt trip that I just need to learn it, otherwise, my entrepreneurship career is dead. A silly belief I know.

Fast forward a year, I started again. This time, I was prepared.

I got a coach and an instructor. One would think you cannot fail like this.

Two weeks in, I bailed coding. And I bailed it for good.

I don’t hold a grudge towards coding, but I decided to divert my focus on other things.

As an educator by profession, I was both pissed off and stoked that this could happen. Continue reading “Ultimate How-To Guide for Learning Any Skill”

3 Lợi Ích Cho Sự Nghiệp Khi Làm Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer là một trong những vị trí đang được tuyển dụng nhiều với mức lương khá cao tạiITviec.

Đọc phỏng vấn của ITviec với anh Phạm Huy Hoàng, một Full-Stack Developer trẻ đang làm việc tại phòng IT của trường đại học Lancaster, Vương Quốc Anh để nghe chia sẻ về: Continue reading “3 Lợi Ích Cho Sự Nghiệp Khi Làm Full-Stack Developer”