Zidane và thuật đắc nhân tâm ở Real Madrid

Chín danh hiệu, trong đó có ba Cup Champions League, là minh chứng cho tài cầm quân của Zidane, HLV luôn bị cho là kẻ ăn may kể từ khi dẫn dắt Real hai năm rưỡi về trước. Nếu Zinedine Zidane … có tóc và sống ở Việt Nam, có lẽ ông sẽ được đặt […]

Switch Input method global in Ubuntu

When using Ubuntu, switching between input method so uncomfortable. I use English as default and Unikey (fcitx-unikey) for Vietnamese. You can switch between input method by the hotkey (as my setting is Ctrl + Space), the problem is this hotkey is not working if you are not in the input area. Example in Google Chrome, you need […]

Flectra v1 screenshots

Flectra is an ERP Open Source application fork from Odoo CE v11, Flectra team has just released v1 on 2017-12-25, here are some screenshots: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ST9dEWAruvbrakOB3 Follow them on twitter: https://twitter.com/flectrahq

The Hidden Roadmap

Introduction As the tech lead of a startup, a founder-CTO faces many tradeoffs allocating his time. The “business founders” want you to be shipping more features — the visible roadmap. But you need to balance that with many other responsibilities: Recruiting, managing and retaining the right team. Making tech choices, considering their short and long-term implications. Setting […]