When shutdown or reboot computer on Linux system (Ubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome etc…) I ussuallty got message “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly” everytime open Google Chrome (v 60.0.3112.101) if before shutdown I did’n close it.

Here a solution to avoid this situation:

As root, create a file name K99-close-google-chrome in /etc/rc6.d/, with content:

save and chmod this file for executable:

sudo chmod +x /etc/rc6.d/K99-close-google-chrome 

this script will help close Google Chrome before system shutdown or reboot.
  • vladox

    Thank you very much for this fix, I’ve been looking for it for a long time!
    Just for the sake of completeness, it seems that this works as long as you actually close all Chrome windows before shutdown/restart. If you restart with windows still open you will still get the message (which might not be that bad, since maybe something did go wrong). Anyway, thanks again!