As a Network admin, you will need keep an eye on every your server and network devices (modem, wireless router…). Ping Tool is a tool I make for myself to check system by schedule ping to server/network device, automatic send an email when server/device not responding (offline) or back online.19-07-2013 9-54-44 AM

This is an Access application, so you need install Access before use.

  • Email sender: email address this application will user to send email
  • Username / Password / Server: Email account information to send email
  • Email to report: When error occurs, application will send email to this address
  • Timer: Time countdown between every check by second, I think 180 is good
  • Check All: is a one time check every IP you has input
  • RUN: make application check by timer you has set, you will see a number countdown by sec.

Remember: DO NOT close application until you want stop check.

Example email:19-07-2013 10-34-45 AM