“Nothing is Less Productive Than Doing What Should Not Be Done at All”


The above quote comes from Peter Drucker, a management consultant who wrote on running businesses for the better part of the 20th century.

It’s easy to get bogged down in doing things faster, better, and more efficiently. However, it’s all for nothing if the thing we’re trying to accomplish isn’t going to provide any real benefit in the long run. Becoming awesome at a dead-end job, perfecting your toothpick sculpture on your lunch break, or even crafting the perfect comment on a blog might not be worth doing if there’s no larger goal that doing those things will help you reach.

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” | Experience Life

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Your Company’s Culture Is Who You Hire, Fire & Promote (part 2)

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Part 2, Anatomy of an Asshole

In Part 1, The Performance-Values Matrix, I argued that the biggest reason company cultures degrade is they hire, retain, and promote “assholes” (mercenary employees whose lack of empathy causes interpersonal issues). I also introduced the Performance-Values Matrix as a reinforcement system address this problem. Let’s now dive deeper into clinical understanding of this behavior and how it can be carefully managed in a corporation. Continue reading



JARS là phương pháp những cái hũ, bởi tiền của bạn sẽ được chia đều cho 6 cái hũ tượng trưng cho 6 tài khoản cá nhân.

Financial Freedom Account (FFA) – Tài khoản tự do tài chính 10%
Long term saving for spending account (LTSS) – Tài khoản tiết kiệm tiêu dùng cho tương lai 10%
Education account (EDU) – Tài khoảngiáo dục 10%
Neccessities (NEC) -Tài khoảnchi tiêu cần thiết 55%
Play – Tài khoản hưởng thụ 10%
Give – Tài khoản từ thiện 5% Continue reading